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This curse is not an official content.

"The 7th Continent": a game edited by Serious Poulp. Copyrights Serious Poulp

"The Forgotten Chamber": made by Stephane 'SaturnNitrik' Démots

Hidden in these lands until found, a mysterious secret is buried in a chamber

To find it is one thing, but will you dare enter it and awaken its secrets?

Welcome to the curse of the Forgotten Chamber

This particular curse is playable only on an electronic device. It is optimized to play on a smartphone.

You must have at least the base box "The 7th Continent" (Collector or Classic) to play this curse.

It is strongly advised to have already solved the Curse of the Voracius Goddess. It is advisable to take notes.

How to play this curse ?

The game is played as usual. The cards specific to this curse will be displayed on this device. Apply the usual rules of the game on these virtual cards.

The progress of the game is automatically saved, so you can continue at your next session with this device.

This curse is not compatible with "The Flying Roots"

This curse can not be played with other curses.


1. You may print the Curse card here or simply pick the one of "The Voracius Goddess" instead;

2. Prepare the game as in the chapter "Setting up" the rules;

3. Start !


Do you want to follow the tutorial ?

Take a moment to think and move on.

If you are stuck in the progression, you can do the following action to get a clue.

Be warned it can ruin your experience.

Reminder: ALL answers are in Martel's notes.

In the Cost step of this action, you may discard 2 XP to apply

4+ 0

Reflecting on it, Pedro must had gone into the swamp. But if his bite was poisoned, he is unlikely to survive.

A couple of time, the Wises are mentioned in Martel's notes. The three given symbols are a clue to find them.. Looks like faces...

The picture of the snake in Martel's notes is surely a map. The start shall be the head, but in what is the correct direction to read it ?


Welcome to the tutorial.
Click on the bottom right arrow to flip this card.

Good !
To close the card, click on the cross at the top.

Tutorial 1

The symbol above represents the cards of the application.
They do not have a XXX, number because the application handles them by itself.

Flip the card.

Click on the symbol below to trigger an effect.

Well done !
Here is an action with this symbol in a consequence.
You can only click on it after solving the action.


Close this card.

0+ 0
Tutorial 2

The library in the background shows all the cards you can freely access during the game.

Finally, the application follows the rules of the game.
There is no special interaction such as a hidden button.

Close this card to begin.

Tutorial 3

Édouard-Alfred Martel disappeared last night. He was feverish like your fellow expeditioners, but vanished.

On the continent, he had discovered a place full of inscriptions and a mysterious disc. He had then spent his time deciphering these writings.

To begin the adventure, put a card 132in play. Each player places his miniature.

Unfortunately, the disc was lost with the escape of Martel's horse. He was devastated, you did not seen him since your return

At his home, you discover his notes and transcriptions about the disc.

Martel returned to the seventh continent, you feel it. You quickly organize an expedition to find him.


Where did Martel's horse escape?

A few hours before leaving the island during the first expedition, Pedro was bitten and fled with his cargo.

One or more players can search Pedro on their field:

1+ 0
Pedro the horse

Before leaving, you have gathered all the Martel's last notes.

Martel's notes

Here you left these lands during the first expedition.

It's in this area that Pedro was bitten by something.. You missed the event, so you have no idea of the direction he may have gone away. Martel, delayed the departure of a few hours to look around, but without success.


No trace of the horse.


No trace of the horse. As you search through the snow, you remember that Martel was grumbling about Pedro in these areas.. He did not like hooves in the snow or the cold.


No trace of the horse. You have the unpleasant feeling of having gone too far.


Rotting and half devoured, you recognize poor Pedro's corpse.
A bag is stuck under his carcass.

Lift the corpse:

2+ 2

You find a strange record, obviously very old.

The disc burns in your hands.

1+ 0

The disc is still burning, you can not use it yet.

The disc does not react.

Ancient disc

The disc just out of your wallet a breath rises from the gaping mouth of the statue.

You distinctly hear a word: "ARIOSS"

Take 5 cards 003

Wise whom says

The disc just out of your wallet an image assails your mind.

You see...

Take 5 cards 003

Wise whom shows

The disc just out of your wallet that notes resound in the air.

A disturbing chant seems to come out of the mouth of the statue. Strangely, you think you can reproduce it with an instrument if needed.

Take 5 cards 003

Wise whom sings

The disc guides you to an alcove nestled in a dead end.

There is a recess where the disc lodges.

0+ 1

Before you put the disc, you think back to Martel's notes. "Three Wises" are mentioned, but you doubt to have met them all. It is better not to rush and come back later. You put the disc in your bag.

Draw 20 cards from the discard pile and shuffle them into the action deck.


The grid opens.

You do not see the bottom of the hole. The passage is very narrow.

Only one participant can do the following action:

1+ 1
Strange alcove

ou crawl with difficulty in the hallway. Suddenly, a steep slope takes you away.

You are in complete darkness.

Place the "Save" tab on the back next to the terrain cards, named the "dark area".

The active player moves his figurine on the "dark area".

Only players in the "dark area" can do the following action:

0+ 2
Alone in the dark

There must be some way to go back.

Only players in the "dark area" can do the following action:

0+ 1
Participants move their figures on 427 097

You linger long in the dark before finding a passage. A feeling of excitement and fear invades you, obscuring your fatigue.

Draw 5 cards from the discard pile and shuffle them to the action deck.

Store back all cards on the board except the "dark area".

When it's done:


The passage opens in the center of a precipice. On the other side, a facade richly built into the rock. A stone bridge without railing allows you to access it.

The bridge is wide enough, but the abyss beneath you is paralyzed.

1+ 2

In the darkness, you distinguish the outlines of the room and four corridors each going in a different direction.

0+ 0

You finally arrive in a different room. You are facing a gigantic bottomless pit.

0+ 0

You dive your eyes into the well.

No light, no sound is heard from this abyss. Your eyes are lost in this dark that seems ... thick. You feel your body go numb, get heavier ... then fall in the darkness.

No light. Pas de son. No smell. Nothingness.
And yet, you feel a presence. At first imperceptible, then more and more oppressive.
Your mind, or perhaps your imagination, perceives the contours of an absolutely immense form, like a moving mountain.
While it is going closer, all your senses feel the danger of this thing.
The Thing cannot be described - there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order.
You went into her prison, into her room and disturbed her. You will have to pay the price.

You become aware of the nightmarish nature of the creature. His look and presence are appalling. You can even feel its sinister look in your thoughts.

Each player takes a card 107

0+ 9
0+ 8
0+ 3
0+ 5
0+ 0

Overcoming your mental limits, you shout...


It seems to have no effect...

Hardly the word pronounced that the mark of the torch seems to char. A horrible scream echoes through the space to pierce your eardrums.

At the pronunciation of the word, you perceive the beast to freeze a fragment of a second before resuming its movements.

The creature twists and deforms in all directions, boiling itself. It screams with a long groan, initially dreadful, then more and more human.


In chaos, you align the target...

Did a participant use an item from his inventory with the following icon?


Your improvised projectiles do not even reach the creature.

Your projectiles are absorbed in the body of the creature who totally ignores them.


The air blown by the statue comes back to your memory...

Did a participant use an item from his inventory with the following icon?


Dispite of your will, you are unable to produce the slightest sound.

The strange melody seems to weaken the creature, his mental influence is less heavy.


You go on the creature in a desperate movement...

Does a participant have an inventory item with the following icon?


Your blows are violently repulsed by the creature

You hit the creature with your torch. A cry tears the space, the thing recedes. Its skin is now marked with a bright red imprint

Decrease the resistance of the object by 1.

You hit the creature with your torch. At the last moment, it disappears and reappears behind you. It is too fast.


In this suffocating darkness, the slightest sound, the least movement is threatening and disturbing.

Each participant takes a card 100

Ignore the effect

The creature seems to absorb any surrounding heat. Your members get cold feet.

Each participant takes a card 102

Ignore the effect

You are suddendly vomiting and shaking.

Each participant takes a card 108

Ignore the effect

You feel fast rips all over your body, the pain is immense.

Each participant takes a card 104

Ignore the effect

Your body is covered with thick and almost black blood. You are afraid that this blood is yours. Is it ?

Each participant takes a card 105

Ignore the effect

You hear sounds like voices. Their indescribable resonances are unbearable.

Your mind is assailed with images and atrocious cries

The giant face of the creature faces you. You struggle to escape his horrifying and bewitching gaze.

An invisible but palpable belt puts strong pressure on your torso and takes your breath away. You grab it to remove it.

0+ 1
A random participant applies

The creature utters an unmistakable incantation. The time slowed down, fixed then ... REVERSE ! The mark of the torch decreases in intensity.


Martel's notes.

Martel's notes.

Desperately, you find yourself invoking outside help.

If you are stuck in the progression, you can do the next action to get help.

Beware it can ruin your experience.

Reminder: All the answers are in Martel's notes.

At the Cost step of this action, you can discard 2 XP to apply

4+ 0

The notes tells about weapons that must be used in a certain order. The fresco must contain the solution.

The inversion of time hinders your movements. Even the pronounced sounds are reversed !


The darkness disappears. You are on an archipelago in the midst of nothingness. A colossal crystal pylon faces you, the reflections of which crumble your eyes.

5+ 0
1+ 1
0+ 0

Martel ! He still breathes slightly. Opening his eyes, he whispers: "run away ...".

His skin seems burned. On his chest is a red mark similar to that inflicted on the nightmare creature.

You must use an object with the condition
at the Object step to take this action:

0+ 5

Baumas soothe the man who now breathes regularly.

He slowly regains his senses. Better to leave it for now.


The pylon has something hypnotic.

Your eyes are lost in the multiple reflections of its sides. Its resonance calls you to touch it. Your arm is stretching.

At the Cost step, the participants can discard X cards from their hand with the keyword Will to increase the number of success required by X.

2+ 1
    You regain control just before touching the pylon.

The pylon is soothing. A strange hissing voice sounds in you and asks:
"What is your most secret desire ?"

The relentless strength
The ultimate intelligence
The sublime beauty
The supreme terror

You walk on the rising vault towards the nothingness that surrounds you. No lights to guide you and every step is blind. Suddenly the sound of your footsteps echoes in a stone corridor.

Victory !

The light of day blinds you for a few moments during which the echoes of the jungle make you guess the place. Vous reconnaissez l'imposante entrée du temple. Rapidement, vous retournez sur la côte pour rejoindre le navire et quitter ces terres, jurant de ne plus jamais y revenir.

La lumière du jour vous aveugle quelques instant pendant lesquels les echos de la jungle vous font deviner le lieu. Vous reconnaissez l'imposante entrée du temple. Martel s'appuyant sur votre épaule, vous retournez sur la côte pour rejoindre le navire et quitter ces terres, jurant de ne plus jamais y revenir.

Félicitations, vous avez levé la malédiction de


Your arm is brutally pulled into the pylon. Your body disappears. You become aware elsewhere, in another body. You are heavy and powerful, and you feel the relentless strength in your fists. You are a...


You recognize the corridors of the temple. Your walk is heavy and powerful. From your eye you see a big rat pass between your legs of stone.You raise your arm and slaughter it on the rodent, before continuing in the opposite direction.

For the Active player, the adventure ends here...


Your arm is brutally pulled into the pylon. Your body disappears. You become aware elsewhere, in another body. You are light and graceful. Your body and foliage are sublime beauty. You are a...

Flying Root

You recognize the landscapes of the seventh continent. Your approach is floating and easy. You suddenly see an adventurer. You go to meet him so that he admires you.

For the Active player, the adventure ends here...


Your arm is brutally pulled into the pylon. Your body disappears. You become aware elsewhere, in another body. You are smart and mischievous. Your eyes shine with the ultimate intelligence. You are a...


You recognize the delicious plants of the seventh continent. Your step is frail and clumsy. You suddenly see a bolas spinning in your direction.

For the Active player, the adventure ends here...


Your arm is brutally pulled into the pylon. Your body disappears. You become aware elsewhere, in another body. You are huge and formidable. Your fangs embody the supreme terror. You are a...


You recognize the mountain peaks of the continent. Your approach is frank and frightening. You suddenly see an adventurer emerging from the fog. You rush him.

For the Active player, the adventure ends here...


June 8, 1938

My dear Aline,

You always respected my silence to your questions about what happened on the lost continent. In my lifetime, I have never been able to answer you because what happened there is out of my understanding. Out of the understanding of the man.
There is a double bottom in the old trunk of my room. You will find my diary on this expedition. It will bring you answers but many more questions. Appointed persons must never be met, neither their family nor their relatives, because by these lines, I break the secret and endanger the world.
This diary shall not exist.

Read quickly, then burn it.

Fin A

February 12, 1928

Please excuse my old age, sir, I have a hard time getting out of bed.

I admit to being touched by your letters. You seem really determined. I eared about your expeditions, it's impressive.

I guess this time you came in person to get answers.
You know, I did not answer your mail because the lost continent must remain so. You are a man of experience and if I tell you that the secret of this earth is jeopardizing the world, you will believe me. Now, please leave me, I must rest. Forget these legends and forget this record, it does not exist.

Goodbye Mr. Jones.
Fin B

9 novembre 1907

Fin C

Find the disc:

Find the entry:

Get out of the labyrinth:

Defeat the thing



Mark this curse


Stéphane 'SaturnNitrik' Démots

Olive, Steph, Caro et Nico les toulousains
Thomas "MastaDaddy" Roesch
Palferso, Zoé et Elisa
Guillaume et Laetitia

Wallpaper by Coldwind
Hall of the Cliff by Denis Rutkovskyv
Creature from ккнигa холмов
Partial description of the creature by H.P. Lovecraft
Original illustrations by Ludovic Roudy

Special Thanks
Ludovic & Bruno
Arnaud le Ludopathe
The 7th Continent community

In tribute to Edouard-Alfred Martel

Thanks for playing !

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